Monday, November 16, 2009

Blogging, again.

After about four years of remaining blogless, here I am, again.

For those of you who followed my older blog on Livejournal, you are probably already more than familiar with the tone of my writing: either irked, gruff, or downright pissed off.

Not much has changed since, although, with this blog, I'd like to try a few new things:

1. I'm going to have themes that will determine what I will be writing about. Off the top of my head, a few candidates are What is Wrong with Today's Youth?, Food and Drink, Satire, Underappreciated Critters, and maybe a Religion section thrown in there, too. Of course, there will also be a Miscellaneous category, just so I can have some freedom. Oh, and something along the lines of a Nostalgia section, in case I ever decide to re-post something I'd written in an older blog.

How will this work? Well, the titles of my entries will start like such: "category name, semicolon, entry title" (e.g. What is Wrong with Today's Youth: Why do today's kids overuse "lol?")

2. I will try hard(er) to not use profanity in my entries. I find that swearing tends to (yes, seriously) detract from the strength of verbal abuse. This is because using profanity to insult someone is like using a cake mix to bake a cake. Just as you can't improve your culinary skills if you resort to "just add water!" products, you can't really dish out superb verbal abuse by relying on four-letter words. By keeping profanity down to a minimum, I'm hoping I will be able to write more novel forms of verbal abuse.

3. I will try to write entries about more cheerful subjects. This endeavor will likely sap me of of all my strength and livelihood because I hate all things fun (like sunshine, Sesame Street, and misspelling words online for no apparent reason), but I will try my damndest to do it. Maybe I will write an entry about apple cider some day. Apple cider makes me happy.

I think that's all the innovation I'm going to attempt with this blog. I hope you make more of an effort to read it than I will to write in it.

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